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Funeral Services



We provide various types of urns for burial, from the urn for the realization of a social funeral to urns of superior quality.


Cremations are part of our work, increasingly cremations are requested.


We conduct transfer of mortal remains or bodies, for the whole country or abroad.


For Tombs this company advises urns of superior quality, such as Mahogany, Mutene, Sucupira, Rosewood, whereas they are urns to be on display.


Exhumations, best known for "lifting" of the remains. We have various types of urns to be able to deposit the remains in ossuaries, deposits, graves or make your cremation as well as the translation for all Cemeteries.

Maintenance of Reservoirs and Graves

We have a cleaning service of tombs, interior and exterior Reservoirs, as well as the ornamentation of flowers.

Post-Funeral Services

Obtaining birth and death certificates with endorsement of death.